Mounting Board Material

Mounting boards and mount boards are used to support, protect and frame prints, photos, posters, signs, artwork and other types of papers and plastics. Foam board is a common and effective mounting board because it is lightweight, strong and easy to cut. You can bond objects to foam mounting boards in a number of ways:

Dry mount tissue is placed between the paper and mounting board.
Pressure sensitive foam board doesn't need heat or tissue to adhere items to it.
Heat activated foam board lets you use your roll laminator for mounting.
Cardboard easels are used for mounting display objects on a desktop or table.

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Black Foam Board - Black Foam Boards

Black foam boards are perfect for school projects, art, hobbies, drafting, drawing, or any display purposes. We offer a wide variety of black core foam boards and black foam display boards.

Cardboard Easels

Cardboard easels, card board easel displays and peel and stick cardboard easels are used to mount and display signs, photos or art on your desktop. Present your photos or prints with cardboard easel display frames.

Chipboard Easels

Chipboard easels are made of heavy, tan, pressed chipboard. Use a chipboard easel, chipboard easel back or a double wing easel to create free standing cards. Use peel and stick easels backs to display photos on your desktop.

Colored Foam Board - Color Foam Board

Colored foam boards are available in white, yellow, red, blue, green, black or gray. A color foam board can be used for school projects, art, hobbies, drafting, drawing, or display purposes. We offer a wide variety of colored foam boards.

Designer Edge Boards

Designer edge boards have a modern stylish laminated edge finish on all sides. Designer edged white gloss pouch boards and white mounting boards are trimmed in a black vinyl finish on all sides and are available in a variety of sizes.

Display Board - Display Boards

Display boards are perfect for presentations, school projects, art, hobbies, drafting, drawing, or any display purposes. A project display board or tri fold display board can be used for travel or storage purposes.

Dry Mount Tissue

Dry mount tissue is used to bond photos, paper or smooth materials to a foam board or mounting board using a dry mount press. Dry mount tissue or a sheet of dry mount tissue heats and activates at 140 degrees.

Foam Board

Foam boards are lightweight, rigid and can be easily cut. Foam core boards can handle laminating, screen printing or die cutting. Mount posters, documents or photos onto a foam board.

Heat Activated Foam Board

Heat activated mounting board is known as HAM board or heat activated foam board. Use a roll laminator to mount posters, documents or photos on a heat activated foam board.

Mounting Board Techniques & How To Use Mounting Boards

Learn how to mount, how to use mounting boards and a few mounting techniques used to mount photos onto a foam board, mounting board or basic display board.

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