Lanyard Supplies & Lanyard Accessories

Lanyard supplies and lanyard accessories are always available at great low prices. We carry safety break-away lanyard attachments, lanyard finishing options, lanyard universal slide adapters, lanyard split key rings & pull-apart key rings, lanyard hooks, lanyard clips, lanyard rings, lanyard attachments and more.

Lanyard Break Away Attachments

Lanyard breakaway attachments add safety to your lanyard. The break-away attachment will disconnect under pressure. Safety lanyard break-away's come in black or white, round or flat, depending upon the lanyard shape and color.

Lanyard Finishing Options

Lanyard finishing options include nickel-plated steel crimp, black oxide crimp, silver plastic bead, diamond and round lanyard sliders and universal lanyard slide adapters.

Lanyard Rings

Lanyard ring attachments are available as a split key ring or pull-apart key ring. Perfect for lanyards, id cards, retractable name badges, name tags, identification badges and safety break-away lanyards.

Lanyard Hooks

Lanyard hooks can be attached to lanyards, id cards, retractable name badges, name tags, identification badges and safety breakaway lanyards and more. Choose from standard lanyard swivel hooks, lanyard hooks with swivel attachment, plastic lanyard hooks and trigger snap swivel hooks.

Lanyard Clips

Lanyard clips are available in several different styles. Choose from bulldog clips, swivel clips or smooth faced thumb-grip clips.

Lanyard Attachments

Lanyard attachments allow the wearer to hold almost anything they could possibly need. We offer over 50 different lanyard attachment types in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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