Mounting Board Techniques & How To Use Mounting Boards


There are a few mounting techniques used to mount photos, documents or posters to a foam board, mounting board, heat activated foam board or basic display board.


  • Place your foam board, mounting board or heat activated foam board down so it lays flat.
  • Position your photo, document or poster on top of the foam board or mounting board.
  • Once your photo or document is centered, use paper weights to hold the image in the desired position.
  • Apply a few pieces of acid free tape to your photos or documents vertically on the left and right margins and horizontally on the top and bottom margins.


The easy way to mount photos or documents on a foam board is by using Mylar self-adhesive backed photo corners.
Mylar photo corners are recommended when mounting important photos or document. Mylar photo corners are made of permanent acid-free adhesive which does not touch your photo or art work.

  • Simply insert a Mylar photo corner on all corners of your photo or document.
  • Attach the self-adhesive backed photo corners to a foam board, mounting board or display board.

Mylar photo corners are strong, easy to use, self-adhesive backed, crystal clear and are being used by museums worldwide.


The dry mounting technique allows the image to be permanently attached to a foam board or mount board.

  • Begin by placing the foam board or mounting board on a flat surface.
  • Place the dry mounting adhesive tissue between the photograph and the foam board or mounting board.
  • Apply pressure to the mounting board while applying high temperature to activate the adhesive in the tissue.


Wet mounting is quite similar to the dry mounting technique.

  • Place the foam board or mounting board on a flat surface.
  • Apply wet glue or paste to the foam board or mount board.
  • Immediately begin to position your photos, artwork or documents on the mounting board.
  • Use a large piece of glass to apply even pressure throughout the mount board.
  • Let the mounting board dry anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.


Spray adhesives are a little cleaner and easier alternative to wet mounting. Be sure to wear a mask when spraying the glue. Use spray adhesives only in a well-ventilated area.

  • Lay your foam board or mounting board on a flat surface.
  • Place your photo, poster or document upside down.
  • Carefully spray adhesive evenly on your photos or documents.
  • Position your photo or document on the foam board or mounting board.
  • Start smoothing evenly from the center towards the edges of your photo or document.


Foam Board

FOAM BOARDS: Use foam boards to professionally mount your posters, photos and other printed materials. Foam core board is lightweight, rigid, can be easily cut, and is strong enough to stand up to laminating, screen printing or die cutting.

Heat Activated Foam Board

HEAT ACTIVATED FOAM BOARDS: A heat activated foam board lets you use your roll laminator to mount posters on a thick sturdy surface in one step.

Dry Mount Tissue

DRY MOUNT TISSUE: Use dry mount tissue to bond porous paper and other smooth materials to foam board or other mounting boards using a dry mount press. The dry mount tissue heat activates at 140 degrees.

Large Format Foam Board Cutters

FOAM BOARD CUTTERS: Large format foam board cutters professionally cut and trim your large sheet materials with ease. Our precision foam cutters make straight, square and clean cuts that are impossible to achieve with a hand-held knife and straight edge.

H.A.M. Boards - (Heat Activated Material)
H.A.M. mounting substrates are available in a variety of graphic arts boards and sizes. Heat Activated Material Boards feature a specially formulated adhesive that assures consistency and bonding to your photos or print. This one-step procedure saves time and money by eliminating the tissue in the mounting process. H.A.M. mounting boards are available in foamboards, Gatorfoam, Sintra and solid white board.

EZ Stick
EZ Stick is pressure sensitive mounting foam eliminating the need to use mounting tissue or heat. It is an easy and reliable means of mounting photos, posters and ink jet output. This is a high tack permanent adhesive. EZ Stick is available in a variety of substrates.

Quick SticK® Self Adhesive Foam Board
Quick Stick has a pressure sensitive self-adhesive surface on one side for mounting posters, prints, layouts and virtually any type of artwork, providing a neat alternative to messy sprays. Peel away the easy release protective liner and the adhesive permits some repositioning to ensure that a smooth bond is achieved.

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