Binding Supplies

Binding supplies, pastic binding combs, plastic binding coils and wire binding products come available in many sizes and colors. Not sure which binding method to choose from? Your binding machine can show you which spiral binding method is right for you.

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Plastic Binding Coils

Plastic coil binding and spiral coil binding supplies are growing in popularity. Plastic binding coils are low cost, durable and professional looking. Plastic coils are flexible and come in a variety of colors to match your binding covers.

Plastic Binding Combs

Plastic comb binding supplies are a great choice for binding covers. Comb binding spines and binding combs come available in 15 diameter sizes and 7 standard colors. Binding combs can be customized to match any color.

Spiral Wire Binding

Single loop wire spiral binding produces durable documents that lay flat whether open or closed. Single loop wire binding spines come in many colors. Wire combs and wire binding supplies are made to fit standard plastic comb binding machines.

Double Loop Wire Binding

Double loop wire binding supplies are durable and professional. Twin loop wire binding supplies are compatible with many wire binding machine systems. Double loop wire is available in many colors and sizes.

Thermal Binding Covers

Thermal binding covers and thermal binding folders are available in several styles, colors, and sizes.

GBC ProClick Supplies

GBC ProClick Supplies - Make presentations stand out with this unique, professional binding style. GBC ProClick allows you to quickly and easily edit presentations on the fly. Pages also lie flat with 360° rotation for convenient note taking and photocopying.

GBC VeloBind Supplies

GBC VeloBind Supplies - Sleek and Secure. GBC VeloBind Supplies and GBC SureBind Supplies are great for filing, stacking and mailing. And with Hot Knife binding technology, spines permanently lock pages into place to keep reports and proposals secure. GBC VeloBind spines and GBC SureBind spines come in a variety of sizes and colors for all of your binding projects.

GBC ZipBind Supplies

GBC ZipBind Supplies - Upscale spine opens and closes like a zipper with a special editing tool. You can easily add and remove pages, even on the go. GBC ZipBind spines are compatible with the GBC CombBind punch pattern including the pre-punched covers and papers.

UltraBind Strips

UltraBind strips are compatible with all VeloBind Hot Knife Binding Systems. Binding strips are tamper-resistant, permanent bindings with a professional and upscale appearance.

Binding Strips

Binding Strips are designed specifically for use in thermal tape binding machines. These premium tape binding strips are specially formulated thermo-plastic adhesives to produce long lasting binds on a broad range of stocks.

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